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A Space for New Beginnings

· arteria

We are happy to announce our new office in Santurce is finally ready! We are loving the space and ready to welcome you.


Santurce is just a couple of minutes away from our former headquarters in Miramar, and this place is happening. Here is a list of things we are digging at our new neighborhood:

    • Libros Libres - A cool concept of reusing old books, this project is straight across our building and is a fun attraction for the curious passersby.
    • Central High School - We are feeling right at home among the young creatives that go to school next door. Yes, they are quite a bit younger but we still think our vibes are aligned.
    • La Placita - Just a few steps away, we can take a break at this renowned, laid back, hangout spot. Free tip: try the ribs and tacos at the San Juan Smokehouse.
    • MAC - Beautiful and historic, this place serves as an awesome brainstorming location.
    • Lote 23 - This popular hangout spot is a great place to eat and you might find us stretching our legs there from time to time.
    We've only been here for a few months, but it already feels like home. Come visit us at Ave. Ponce De León 1413, Suite 503 (in the Piloto Santurce building)!
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